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   “This website is going to be wound down over

      the next few months. 

     It is intended that a new updated website facility

     will operate to represent:

                 The Arts Society North Staffordshire. 

    The new site has a new domain name:-



     In the meantime this site will be maintained and

     updated monthly, with minimum
     input, but giving sufficient new information for 

     the convenience of our members”.



Below, on this Home Page, are shown a random selection of paintings and pictures ,,,,,,,,,,

Some are well known in the art world and some not so well known or recognized.


   Experts say that crucial details prove that V&A's "Virgin with Laughing Child" is Leonardo da Vinci's only surviving sculpture.

                          "The Creation of Adam"   by  Michelangelo    Painted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, Rome, between 1508 and 1512.  


                            "An Italian Villa at Sunset" 1893  by  Ferdinand Knab (1834-1902)

                                   Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919)       Portrait of the actress Jeanne Samary - 1877





   John Everett Millais (1829 - 1896)       "The Black Brunswicker"  1860                                                                      in The Lady Lever Art Gallery


  "Poppy Field"  (1873)   by Claude Monet (1840 - 1926) 




          "The Last Supper"    by   Leonardo da Vinci  (1495/98)

             in Santa Maria delle Grazie, Milan. 


   "Allegory of Astronomy"  1780  by Joseph Fratrel (1730-1783)  

            In the Reiss-Engelhorn Museum


          "The Story of Goldilocks"  1870

    by  Joseph Guy Seymour  (1824-1910)  An American painter


      Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890)  "Cypresses with Two Figures 1890"



   The Church of Santa Maria della Salute, Venice (c1904-09)

                    by John Singer Sargent


 by George Frederic Watts (1817-1904) of Ellen Terry 1864

  [Ellen Terry was an actress of British theatre, born 1847 and died 1928.]


             Solnedgång over Vattendrag - 1900  

 by Peder Mørk Mønsted (1859-1941)   (Danish Landscape Painter) 


    Gigantic Modern stained glass window charts History of Knowledge.

by Tom Holdman  (3 details shown below) 





 Restored and ravishing: the magnificent Ghent Altarpiece gives up its centuries-old mysteries. 



        'Romney Marsh'  by  John Piper (1903-1992) 


Dame Laura Knight (1877 - 1970)      "AYoung Girl Reading" 1910




         "Jesus Washing Peter's Feet"  1852-6 

                                  by Ford Madox Brown (1821-1893)  


     Rudyard Kipling  by  Sir Philip Burne-Jones   (1899)


    Shown above are some items from "The Staffordshire Hoard".



                         Arthur Hughes (1832-1915)

                       "Sir Galahad, the Quest for the Holy Grail"   1870

                         To be found in the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool.



       HOLBEIN, Hans the Younger.  "Henry VIII" - after 1537 




               "Italian Gardens, Trentham"  by Munroe Blair

 (North Staffordshire Artist, Munroe is a member and past Chairman of our Society)




     "Sledding" Central Park, NY  by  William Glackens (1870-1918)




                   Edvard Munch  (1863 - 1944)       "Le Vampire"  1893


    'Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I'  by Gustav Klimt  (1862-1918) Vienna    ["Woman in Gold" now in the Neue Galerie in New York.    Sold in 2006 for $135million] 


    'Towards the Roaches'  by Ivan Taylor.  North Staffordshire Artist b.1946




                                         [ Vincent van Gogh   1853 - 1890 ]




                  "The Shrimp Girl"                                "Gin Lane"

       Two pieces of artwork by William Hogarth (1697 - 1764)  


                              Caravaggio   1595    "The Cardsharps"

  [On loan and to be seen in the Museum of the Order of St,John, Clerkenwell, London]    


                               Watercolour painting by Eric Ravilious  (1903-1942)


"Ophelia"  by Sir John Everett Millais  1851/52  [Tate Gallery,London]

                              "The Galettes"     by  Claude Monet      1882  


              Thomas Clarkson Neale   -  by G.S.Fitch (1836)




  Sir Peter Paul Rubens (1577 - 1640)  "Victory of the Eucharist over Idolatry" 

            "Rembrandt"  - self portraits  (top left aged 53, top right aged 63)  

                    "The Toilet of Venus"      by   Velazquez  (1599 - 1660)


     "The Birth of Venus"
                                                               by Sandro Botticelli (1446-1510)

                     "The Avenue at Middelharnis"   by Meindert Hobbema (1689) 


        "Price's Teapot Works, Longport."  Painting by Reginald G. Haggar

                   J.M.W.Turner (1755-1851)  -  "The Fighting Temeraire"

         Rob is a North Staffordshire artist  

   The way things were. A scene on the Caldon Canal basin.
by Clive Pickthorne, a local North Staffordshire artist

                                                     "Romance on a Pot Bank" 
                                       by Sid Kirkham, a local North Staffordshire artist

               "Coming from the Mill"      by L. S. Lowry    1930

                            Claude Monet  




  Inaugural Meeting   -    1986/87  [our year commencement date is 1st April]

 YEAR     NSDFAS year      CHAIRMAN                       PRESIDENT
1986     1986/87     Betty Lovatt                   Arnold Mountford CBE
1987     1987/88     Betty Lovatt                   Arnold Mountford CBE
1988     1988/89     Rosemary Chatburn      Arnold Mountford CBE
1989     1989/90     Rosemary Chatburn      Arnold Mountford CBE
1990     1990/91     Rosemary Chatburn      Arnold Mountford CBE
1991     1991/92     Gordon Hewitt               Arnold Mountford CBE
1992     1992/93     Gordon Hewitt                     Betty Lovatt
1993     1993/94     Gordon Hewitt                     Betty Lovatt
1994     1994/95     Valerie Shelley                    Betty Lovatt
1995     1995/96     Valerie Shelley                    Freda Hilton
1996     1996/97     Valerie Shelley                    Freda Hilton
1997     1997/98     Ann Butler                           Rosemary Chatburn
1998     1998/99     Ann Butler                           Rosemary Chatburn
1999     1999/00     Robert Copeland                Rosemary Chatburn
2000     2000/01     Robert Copeland                Rosemary Chatburn
2001     2001/02     Susan Durham                   Rosemary Chatburn
2002     2002/03     Susan Durham                   Valerie Shelley
2003     2003/04     John Kolbert                      Valerie Shelley
2004     2004/05     John Kolbert                      Valerie Shelley
2005     2005/06     John Kolbert                      Valerie Shelley
2006     2006/07     Brian Haynes                     Valerie Shelley
2007     2007/08     Brian Haynes                     Robert Copeland
2008     2008/09     Munroe Blair                      Robert Copeland
2009     2009/10     Munroe Blair                      Gordon Hewitt
2010     2010/11     Brian Lewis                        Gordon Hewitt
2011     2011/12     Brian Lewis                        John Plant
2012     2012/13     Sheila Fernyhough            John Plant
2013     2013/14     Sheila Fernyhough            John Plant
2014     2014/15     Sheila Fernyhough            Susan Durham
2015     2015/16     Margaret Thompstone       Susan Durham
2016     2016/17     Margaret Thompstone       Susan Durham
2017    2017/18      Margaret Thompstone       Brian Lewis 2018    2018/19      Margaret Thompstone       Brian Lewis 2019 2019/20 Margaret Thompstone Brian Lewis


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